The Moon

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copernicus crater
Our closet celestial neighbour, second in brightness to the Sun.
tracks on the moon
Copernicus Crater
Moonwalking tracks on the surface
flag plant
A mere 240,000 miles from Earth
crescent earth
Planting the flag
Crescent Earth
Luna, Atremis, Celine amongst other names



As the only planetary body everyone is familiar with seeing in the sky, the Moon has long been an object of fascination and speculation.Hiding over 1/3 of its surface from our view, igniting mankind's need to wonder,this website will take your imagination on a journey to the Moon, the missions, the basic facts & some lesser known, the men who walked on it's surface, latest updates & other lunar-related links.

Latest News Of The Moon


China Plans Manned Moon Mission  
Nearly 40 years after the cold, grey surface of the Moon was first stepped on by humans, lunar landings are back in the limelight again.Plans to land man on the Moon have been outlined in a document published by the Chinese government, confirming their intentions to be a major player in future manned space exploration. From the document "... China will push forward human spaceflight projects and make new technological breakthroughs, creating a foundation for future human spaceflight.China will launch space laboratories, manned spaceship and space freighters; make breakthroughs in and master space station key technologies, including astronauts' medium-term stay, regenerative life support and propellant refueling; conduct space applications to a certain extent and make technological preparations for the construction of space stations.China will conduct studies on the preliminary plan for a human lunar landing ".
New Space Plans For Russia  
The Russian space agency has announced it is to boost cooperation with its partners in the US and the European Union, and has called for the creation of a permanent base on the Moon.In a radio interview, the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, said the agency was discussing with NASA and ESA the possibility of exploring the Moon. A joint mission would prospect for water and natural resources on the Moon, and build a base for future space explorers. Between now and the year 2020, the agency plans to send two unmanned probes to the Earth’s satellite and is currently working on an advanced manned transportation system capable of reaching the Moon. He added that the final goal of the proposed Lunar project would be to create either a base on the Moon or a station in proximity to it.






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